About Us

We are a small painting company located in East Topsham Vermont. This company was born out of nostalgia. Born into a painting family in Montpelier, Vermont, you could say paint runs through my veins!

I grew up under the tutelage of my grandfather and three uncles, all lifelong painters.In the summer of 1979 at the age of twelve, I was brought into the painting realm. Scraping, sanding and burning paint ahead of the production painters(quite a surly cast), I thought, how did I get involved in this! Little did I know that the stage was being set for what would become Nostalgic Painting. We take great pride and effort in putting forth the best finishes we can produce. We strive to continue the tradition of years past and to continue the heritage that I was raised with, which is done through attention to detail, solid work ethic and communication with clients.